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Medical Abortion Less than 9 weeks 1200.00 NETT. Partialy awake. NO GST PAYABLE Not GST Registered More Medical Abortion Cost


MOH approved centre for medical abortion. Cost S$980 NETT, inclusive of 2 to 3 follow vists and blood test.

Early Medical Abortion is becoming widely available throughout the world since the 1990’s and in developed Countries, women have a choice to decide on medical or surgical abortion. Early medical abortion can be safely performed up to 9 weeks after the last menstrual period.vit consists of the pregnant woman taking 2 drugs in sequence. One stops the growth of the conceptus and after which, the other causes the uterus to expel the pregnancy. Together, they will successfully abort 95% to 98% of pregnancies of less than 9 weeks (1).

In Singapore, Gynecologists have been performing medical abortions for several years now, both in private sector or in the restructured hospitals.

There are some important differences between medical and surgical abortion. It is not a simple process whereby a magic pill performs the abortion as many might think. This is explained conveniently in the table at the end of this introduction. In the event of the medical abortion failing, the patient will need a surgical abortion i.e. Evacuation of Uterus, which requires an additional payment. It is also important to confirm the pregnancy by a pelvic ultrasound scan (abdominal and vaginal) to ensure that the pregnancy is in the uterus and not outside it i.e. Ectopic Pregnancy e.g. Tubal Pregnancy. In this clinic, it is our practice to monitor the progress/success of the medical abortion by follow up ultrasound scans and blood tests to check the level of pregnancy hormone Beta-HCG. This increases the costs slightly but ensures safety and reliability. The pregnancy can be considered successful and complete only when the Beta-HCG drops to non-pregnant levels.

Comparission of Medical Abortion and Surgical Abortion ?

Advantages & Benefits
Medical AbortionSugical Abortion
Non Invasive/Non Surgical.Single procedure only with half a day spent in the clinic.
Does not require half a day in the clinic.Painful cramping is minimal after suction termination.
Does not require anesthesia.Bleeding after procedure is much lesser and usually lasts a week only.
Cost less than surgical abortion unless it is unsuccessful.
The abortion takes place at home where you can safely enjoy both privacy and a degree of control.
Disadvantages & Risk
Painful cramping much more than surgical abortion, sometimes unbearable and requiring strong pain killers.Invasive Procedure, Surgical, requiring instrumentation of uterus.
Side effects of oral medications like nausea, vomiting, shivering, hot sensation etc.Requires anesthesia with its attendant risks (though minimal for a minor procedure of this nature).
Bleeding sometimes prolonged occasionally for 2-3 weeks. This maybe a nuisance for many.
Requires several visits more to the clinic. About 3 to 4 visits sometimes for ultrasound scan and blood tests.
Successful only for about 85% to 90% of cases. If unsuccessful after 3 weeks, will still need a surgical abortion, requiring additional payment.

How much does it cost for Medical TOP?

At this clinic, It cost S$980 NETT, inclusive of 2 to 3 follow vists and blood test.

What is included in this fee?

This fee includes the medication for the TOP, painkillers etc. plus all subsequent visits, consultations, ultrasound scans and (HCG, the pregnancy hormone) until the abortion is complete or if fails, in which case you would need a surgical abortion which costs $1600.

How long does a Medical TOP take?

The complete process takes between 2 to 4 weeks until the blood test is negative for pregnancy.

What is the success rate of Medical TOP ?.

About the 85% to 90%.

What are the side effects of the medications for Medical TOP?

Diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, bloated feeling, indigestion, shivering, fever and heavy vaginal bleeding.

How severe are the side effects?

These are usually bearable and last only for 1 day but some complain that the cramping is very painful.

Are any pain killers given?

Yes, strong pain killers are given to be taken to relieve the cramping if it is severe.

Up to what stage of pregnancy is Medical Abortion possible?

Medical TOP can be safely performed up to 9 weeks pregnancy.

After the Medical Abortion, when will I get my menstrual period?

After the blood pregnancy test is negative, you can expect your menstrual period within 1 to 3 weeks after this.


buntis ka?

kailangan mo bang mapayuhan?

May solusyon diyan.
kailangan nyo lang ng S$1600 NETT (No GST Payable) (unang walong linggo ng pagbubuntis).
depende sa kondisyon ng iyong pagbubuntis makakatulong din and doktor na nakakapagsalita ng tagalog.



NO. In Singapore by law parents do not require to be told of their daughter's abortion. However we recommend that you tell at least one of your parents and you may be surprised that after the intial shock they will have to come to terms and help you because ultimatly they love you.

Do you provide "Morning After Pill"?

Yes, we do provide the "Morning After Pill" (Emergency Contraception).

Do you have female doctor?

Currently, our doctor is male. However, female nursing staff are present throughout the examination, during and after your surgery.

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