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Are there non-surgical methods using laser etc for vaginal tightening ?

YES, there are many in the marketBUT the gold standard for vaginal tightening still remains surgical and Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation achive this minimal bleeding and fast recovery. Non-surgical method require several treatments and maintenance and results are poor compared to LVR (Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation).

How long does LVR take?

The surgical time depends on the extent but in general about 2 hours.

Where is the surgery performed?

The surgery is performed at Parkway Aesthetic Clinic at Parkway Parade in Singapore. We have full operating theatre facilities with recovery beds with monitoring for up to 3 patients.

I have vaginal relaxation of the bottom part of the vagina and the perineal body . Can I have LVR?

In this case we only need to repair the bottom part of the vagina and the perineal body (the area between the vagina and rectum). Usually in this case, vaginal relaxation is less extensive and LVR will be of benefit to you.

I haven't had any children but I have some vaginal relaxation and I would like to enhance vaginal muscle tone and strength as well as decrease the vaginal diameter. Can I have the procedure?

Depending on the examination you can be a candidate for LVR. Such procedures generally involve the bottom part of the vagina and the perineal body.

My inner vaginal lips are too long. Can I get the reduced in size?

The labia can be aesthetically sculptured to your specifications using laser reduction labiaplasty.

What types of anesthesia are available?

You can be provided by your choice of anesthesia by a qualified anesthetist. We generally use intravenous sedation with a pudendal block and lots of tumescent anesthesia.

When can I resume sex after the operation?

We ask that you resume sex 6 weeks after the operation. Oral sex, however can be resumed much earlier.

When can I return to work after the operation?

This will depend on what type of work you do. In general most patients can return to work after one week but we can give 2 weeks medical leave.

I am not from Singapore. How long do I have to stay in Singapore after the operation?

We request that you stay for a minimum of 4 days. We will visit you in the hotel after the operation so you don't have to come to the clinic.

How much discomfort will I have after the operation?

With our technique of submucus tumescent anesthesia, pudendal block with long acting local anesthesia, you will be pain free for 18 to 24 hours. After this patients report a mild to moderate discomfort which can be controlled with analgesics and cold packs.

How much does LVR cost?

Fees are all inclusive and this will include surgical fees, anesthetist fees, theatre fees, assistant fees and post op visits. The fees depend on the type of procedure and the extent. A fee range is provided once we know your particular needs. We accept major credit cards and some of the procedures can be claimed by insurance. Medisave deduction is also possible.

What are the surgical risks of LVR?

LVR is a safe procedure with low risk. To put the risk in perspective, pregnancy is associated with far more risks than any of the surgical procedures. Like any surgery the risks are bleeding and infection. There is always a risk of injury to the bladder and rectum. This is very rare. With any surgery , there is always scaring. Over correction can result in painful sex. Although rare, anesthetic risks can also occur.

Can LVR be combine with DLV?

Yes , the two can be combined. If you want liposuction, that can also be combined.